Leo Woest – Founder /Director

Graduating with a B.Comm (Hons) in HR, Leo took the opportunity to set up the GLC Recruitment Group in 2011 after working as a recruiter in the Construction and Trades sectors for 7 years.  He started his career as a Trainee Recruiter for established corporate recruitment businesses, recruiting contract and permanent staff for a number of organisations in the Construction Industry. The opportunity arose for him to create his own recruitment business based on his own set of values. Leo has built a reputation throughout his career as an honest, highly trustworthy person, and always strives to operate in the best interests of both his candidates and his clients. Recruitment really is his passion, alongside the dream to build these great companies.

In my spare time – spending time with the family, otherwise love my sports such as Golf and Rugby.

Malcolm Wood – Board Member /Advisor

Malcolm is a former broker, trader and salesman in the financial services industry. He has worked at Jonathan Wren and achieved many significant goals there, including being one of the highest billing consultants at the organisation. He has also been managing director of Hamilton Chase. He started his career in the City in 1972, in the pre-Big Bang environment, as a stockjobber on the floor of the London Stock Exchange. Malcolm worked his way up to become the chief executive of Investec Bank. Malcolm decided to change his career path into recruitment in the year 2000 in order to help candidates and client employers find the best match to their needs and to use his extensive network that he has built up over the years.

Amelda Woest – Finance /Payroll

After completing her B.Acc degree and a Post Grad degree in Financial Journalism, Amelda started working in the UK’s financial industry in 2006. She has gained wide experience in different sectors whilst working as a Financial Journalist, Financial Administrator and Finance Executive in London, before joining GLC in April 2012.

With a quick eye for detail, keen trouble-shooter and assisting clients and candidates alike, Amelda does her bit to contribute to the steer of GLC’s global and longterm vision.

In my spare time – she is mom to 4 boys, passionate musician and nature lover.